Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Refactoring, and moving towards level design

Even though classes are back in session, right now all I want to do is build my game. It beckons me when away, and teases me when I play... (this is why I don't blab in these things...)

I just finished some refactoring, I had let myself put the world and player management inside the main class instead of the scene. Now they are where they belong, and I have legitimately separated collision callbacks from distance checks for the walls' interactions with the player. As it stands now, every wall type except sticky is near complete. After I take the time to create some animations, they should be good. I'll have to check my color choices to see if they work alright with common color blindness, or if I need worry with the choice of animations. I figure that this project ought to be as polished as possible, since the complexity of it gives me that option.

Shown here is my little test level. The absense of a clear cut or even sensible strategy should be a dead giveaway.

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