Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mark of the 1.0

I am finally prepared to call my current build of "Circle Game" (now "Spherical Prison") version 1. For some reason, I'm a fan of giving the major numbers to the major releases. This release is the one that I will call "done".

After taking the time to fix a few hack solutions with proper solutions (i.e. using a boolean to determine if the player has entered the editor to invalidate scores instead of making the score infinity, using a list to buffer the collision callbacks instead of just using the first, etc.), and committing to a decision on what levels I should include, I'm happy with the result. As far as the level editor goes, it is not viable for community sharing. I found that even with making my scene dynamic, it would still be quite a bit more work to add methods of filtering keys from walls for deleting and rotating objects. There are member data fields inside the box2D objects that fit this need, but even with that I don't feel that the implementation would be clean in the end. The design I chose did not account for sufficient separation of actions pertaining to modification of objects in the scene.

Today I've also completed my configuration for the Xcode project, so I have a fully functional Mac version that is a duplicate of the Windows version. Aside from this, a good friend of mine (who would wish to be reffered to as "Z-Dawg") wrote up a makefile for the project for easy building in Linux. So, fortunately, I'm able to say that using cross-platform libraries has enabled me to build my first totally cross-platform windowed application.

For now, I must begin channeling my game through the library communities (at first) and then see what else I want to do when I get a web page up for it.

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